Are you a Nigerian living abroad? it’s very understandable the apprehension you might have about investing in real estate back home here in Lagos. Matter of fact, many close themselves out of the most profitable, reliable investment known to man- real estate. And these fears are not misplaced. The internet and most individuals you encounter carry sordid tales of countless investment mishaps, and the numerous one-chance, investment-gone-wrong incidents they’ve experienced. This narrative then seemingly permeates the real estate sphere from a surface glance, and make many who live outside of the country averse to and wary of investing in the Lagos real estate scene.

However, there’s a certain way to do it right, one that ensures and guarantees you peace of mind for every step of your real estate investment:

Do your home search online:

When it comes to long-distance home shopping, the Internet is a friend you cannot ignore, especially as a first-time real estate investor. All the information you need, that is required is most likely one step away from you, online. The neighborhood of the city you’re looking to invest in, the malls, the schools, the stores, the businesses, all of the key things tied to the local area.

While it might be true that nothing can substitute for the real-time feel of checking the neighborhood up in person, there’s so much information you can gather by looking up the location online.